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July 8, 2012
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July 8, 2012

Interview: Home Brew’s Haz Beats and Tom Scott

H= Haz    T= Tom   W= Harry Wilde   S= Saff

[While we’re waiting for Tom, Haz has a look at the questions]

H- Shit good questions, at least you didn’t ask like ‘where did you guys meet’ and shit like that.

S- How did you meet on that note? haha

H- By ‘internet dating’ 

[Tom arrives] 

W- Alright, let’s get started. What’s your favorite virtue in a person?

H- Loyalty. it changes, we meet new people all the time so it’s different for each person.

T- I’d agree but that would make me a hypocrite. Probably creativity.

S- Yeah, I like that.


In a man?

H- Loyalty is all you want from the boys.

T – It’s gotta be big. [the dick]


In a chick?

H-Big boobs

T- The works

H –Big boobs never make you happy though. I pass

T- Yeah coz big boobs are never loyal. Guys looking at them and shit. One boob is always bigger than the other with big boobs. Plus, one boob might develop a complex, like one always gets more attention [in Tom’s case, it’s the left]. Yeah I sleep on the right, so you’ve gotta change it up week by week. I also like eyes.


What’s your personal chief characteristic?

H- I’m a big fuck up.

T- I’ve been asking myself this question my whole life.

H- [to Tom] What you reckon bro?

T- Haz’s beard, he had that thing since he was 10, pulling 18 year old chicks and shit.

Both- Ah shit I dunno ay

T- Ask yourself that.

W- Ahhhh yeah probably loyalty and intelligence 

S- Haha whatever, Harry

W- Well, not so much when it comes to chicks

T- You? [to Saff]

S- Probably happiness. I try to always be optimistic

T- Yeah whatever makes you happy, you’ve gotta base your life on being yourself ay. So probably self expression. I’m a brat. I never did what I was told. Like in primary school.

H- Sorry, I got stoned before I came hehe


W- Did you like school?

T- Nah I hated it, I was the class clown.

H- I fuck’n hated school, went to see mates then wagged.

T- Being a brat was also one of my main faults.


On that note, what is your main fault? 

H- Default

T- My mouth. It’s a gift and a curse. The ladies see it as a gift, I see it as a curse.

H- Oh yeah probably my dick

T- Testosterone is a curse


When are you happiest?

H- When at St. Kevins’ Arcade under a palm tree [this is where we are]. Or up in the sky.

T- Sex, but it’s only temporary happiness. Life is misery, made a new album, don’t even like it. Happiness is being content, but it never happens like that. Making music makes me happy, it’s contempt. When you’re in the zone, beat after beat, there’s no time to think in-between. The repetition. The repetition in music is a big part of me, like back in the day .. boom boom psssh [tom starts making a beat] It’s hypnotic. That’s happiness.


What’s your fav album?

T- Fast side.


What’s your idea of misery?

T- Shit, good question.

H- Knowing you fucked up. It sucks man.

T- Knowing you’re inadequate. When you thought you were good enough but you’re not, there’s nothing worse than that.


[It goes quiet for a minute while everyone dwells on their past experiences of misery]


Who else would you be?

H- J-Dilla before everything.

T- Before I got into the music scene I used to be real into basketball, thought I would make the NBA, but then I didn’t grow. I fucked up my knee up as well. I just got it fixed today and when the guy stuck the needle in all I wanted to do is run, so probably Spud Webb in ‘87, beating Michael Jordan or something.

H- pfft Spud Webb


How would you like to die?

H- Like everyone else. Cancer.

T- Testicular cancer. How about you?

S- I know how I wouldn’t like to die…

T- How?

S- Buried alive!

H- I’d like to be eaten alive by my zodiac sign, the lion (hehehe)

T- I’d like to jump off  something. Like falling out of a plane.

H- But you die when you hit the ground.

T- I guess once you’ve done it all.

W- Yeah i’d like to die happy, like in my sleep or something. Of old age. Like 65, not too old.

H- You’re old once you’ve passed 50 bro.

T- You can’t die happy.

W- Mid blow job?

T- You’re only happy before you die though

H- Yeah like heart attack half way through.. ahhh get off me!

W- What about if you die for a good cause, give someone your organs or something?

H- No one is getting my organs when i die

What’s your present state of mind?

H- High. Blurry. Cloudy. Too high (hehe)

T- Not high enough. Sober. Sobriety is a son of a bitch. I fuck’n spewed up my weetbix this morning from working out, was in a hurry to get to this interview.

H- Rats bro


Whats your favorite motto?

H- Fuck a motto

T- Don’t have one ay bro.

H- No gods in my head that speak to me.


How did you get the idea of light and dark?

H- Had some coloring pencils, I had dark, Tom had light, and it was like BOOM.

T- The bi-polar way of life, you know


Whats your process when coming up with songs?

H- Burn other peoples clothes

T- No better inspiration than the scent from a dead persons cardigan.

W- What was that?

T- Oh nothing (haha). I guess getting too high, get a good beat or something then realize we forgot to set up equipment, spend two hours setting it up, then lose inspiration and get drunk instead.


Whats your fav song on the album?

H- Don’t have one

T- ‘Basketball Court’

H- Maybe ‘Datura’.

T- Yeah that’s a nice beat

H- We spend so long making it we just can’t listen to it.

T- Yeah you get over it, we finished it 8 months ago so when it comes out it’s just.. you know.

W- But do you ever listen to your music? You wouldn’t just put on to chill out to?

H- All I do is listen to my own music! Fuck it’s the worst thing when you walk into a party and someone plays one of your songs. I just wanna leave.

T- Everyone looks at you and shit

S- But do you like it when people acknowledge you’re from Homebrew?

T- I don’t like to be called ‘Homebrew’, I like when people are like ‘you’re the dude from Homebrew’, you know?


What other music do you like?

H- Silence! My Mrs arguing rahrahhrahh, and all that shit, it’s music to my ears.

T- All kinds. I’ve been listening to some Indian music recently, that my mum brought back, cool rhythms. Disco. Stuff from all over the world, with different influences.


What kind of gear do you use?

H- The shittiest gear. What we say in the songs is true, everyone else has flash as gear.

T- Takes like 15 minutess to load a song, all good ‘coz we’re stoned. I only write lyrics on red panda skin and diamonds on the tip of my quill. Red panda foreskin – it’s more indie but you got to stretch it out [all of us crack up].


What’s with your stunts and other stuff on Youtube?

H- We just like to fuck around.

T- The whole posters on Auckland Uni didn’t mean to be like it was, I just stuck a few posters on someone’s projector, who gives a fuck. We were just trying to promote shit, we wanted our album to go number 1 so we put the effort in. People like us being dickheads.

W- What happened with that? Did you get prosecuted?


W- …Shit…


What’s the best beer?

H- Free beer.

T- Any beer.

H- Probably Heineken

T- Yeah you want something you can drink fast to get drunk you know, so yeah probably Heineken.

H- VB is pretty good.

T- Yeah hard, cheap as.


So this album seems a little more political than the others? 

T- Oh nah it wasn’t meant to be, we did do one political song, but John Key is a cunt. I don’t know much about politics, just that some friends work their asses off with shitty jobs and get nothing, while others get everything just for having rich parents.

H- I’m not down for fracking, and that shit [fracking is drilling, putting oil and shit into the ground to shatter the rock and release hydrocarbons]

T- I don’t know shit about that ay.

W- Neither.

S- Yeah neither. Go Haz!

T- None of us do, no one even votes!! People who have grown up in lower classes know what life is really like, others have never even been down to like South Auckland and shit, all we really know is fuck John Key ‘coz he’s a dick

H- I reckon FUCK AUCKLAND UNI, not the students just the administration.

T- They can kiss my BA with honors bitch.


Home Brew’s debut album, ‘Home Brew’, is released on the 4th of May and will be available on iTunes, bandcamp and in stores.